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It’s that time of year where the Spotted Sea Trout are starting to move in and reproduce. Sea trout have a rather long spawning season, ranging from May-September. Spawning usually occurs in swift moving water with a high salinity content.  So when your in Charleston fishing inshore  think about the fish your catching and keeping […]

We had a great start to the week here in Charleston. The highs were in the low to mid 80′s and it really turned the fish on. It was nice to see the Trout bite pick up and the Red Drum bite continue. Mid week we will see a cold front push through which will […]

It’s that time of year again in Charleston where popping corks are my go to fishing style. I use the Bomber popping cork, three foot of mono leader, small split shot and a 2/0 Owner Circle hook. I allow the cork to sit for 15 seconds or so and pop again. I believe in sharp […]

This past weekend I was fortunate to take the Murphy family out for a beautiful day of fishing. We were in luck as the weather was perfect and the fishing was perfect as well.  We ended up catching 12 Trout and 4 Redfish total. Here are many of the fish we caught.  The Murphys had […]

You wanted it, we responded! We are now offering sunset tours of Charleston Harbor.  Check out some of the images from our sunset tours and then contact us to book your trip.    

Sometimes we go out with the next generation of fishermen and fisherwomen.  Knot Stressed Charters operates a family-friendly chartered tour and can help you take the family out for a special day on Charleston Harbor or just reconnect with your son or daughter in a private fishing session. Check out some of these promising young […]

  Although we catch a number of fish around Charleston including trout, flounder, bluefish and more, we often catch these red drum (spottail) bass. The day was a bit overcast but that didn’t stop Russ and his wife Jennifer from going fishing.  Jennifer caught this good size fish while staying stylish in her Clemson cap. […]

Well, we should’ve seen this coming.  Bachelor party, fishing, bad fishing puns. Captain Neese took these four guys out for a fishing trip bachelor party.  The groom-to-be had already hooked his bride so while there may be other fish in the sea, we didn’t find the vast majority of them today.   Should you wish […]

Tammy wanted to go out fishing, so fish we did!  Tammy has been fishing before so it was great to do something she’s never done. Today was a busy day, a big haul.  Tammy caught 9 huge red drum bass including this, her biggest catch ever!   Congrats Tammy!